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Daniel Nicolae Djamo《16 Sounds of Dadaocheng》

The main focus of this project is the young generation. They are the writing force, since they are writing their future and that of the whole country. After that, they are recorded performing their stories. 16 Sounds of Dadaochengis a workshop, participative installation and archival work, where performance elements are blended with the materiality of paper.

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Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre《Object Poetry》

This workshop will include a search for interesting objects in the community with two theater artists from Macao. The meanings of and stories behind these objects will be explored. Then, the objects will be used to choreograph a chain of physical reactions, such as wind/water power, vibrations, gravity, weight and momentum, to find a new way to enrich the “scenography” or, in other words, to compose new poetry for Tua-Tiu-Tiann.

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