TTTIFA Lectures

Category Date Title Host Speaker Location
Category Date Title Host Speaker Location
TTTIFA Lectures 09/29 (Sat) Artist Salon: Art and the local community florishing together Hung-Hui Lu Hung-Kai Hsu
Yi-Hsiang Hsu
Janette Lin
Liu Hsing-Yu
Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
TTTIFA Lectures 10/03 (Wed) Performing art development in Southeast Asia (English lecture) Yi-Kai Kao/TTTIFA Co-Curator Chrisada Chiaravanond/Managing Direcctor of Thong Lor Art Space
Leeroy New/2017, 2018 TTTIFA Artist in Resident
Ivy Palace
TTTIFA Lectures 09/28 (Fri) Site-Specific works with community engagement (English lecture) Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre / 2018 TTTIFA artist in resident
Daniel Nicolae Djamo /2018 TTTIFA Artist in Resident
ASW Tea House
TTTIFA Lectures 10/06 (Sat) Open Stage Lecture URS329
TTTIFA Lectures 10/20 (Sat) Open Stage Lecture URS329
TTTIFA Lectures 09/22 (Sat) Theatre Hub - Tua-Tiu-Tiann creating a Theatre hub promoting traditional art practices Hsu, Ya-hsiang Mei-Ru Yeh
Robin Erik Ruizendaal
Nadou Theatre
TTTIFA Lectures 10/12 (Fri) Tua-Tiu-Tiann and the world - Producing large scale local and international art events Yi-Cheng Jou Chin Cheng CHEN Thinkers' Theatre
TTTIFA Lectures 10/21 (Sun) Tua-Tiu-Tiann and the world - Observing the city Yi-Cheng Jou Huang, Hai-Ming 207 museum