TTTIFA Lectures

Category Date Title Host Speaker Location
Category Date Title Host Speaker Location
Creative Talk Talk 10/23 (Wed) Comfort Women as the Subject of Theater and Dance Productions – Shared Taiwanese and Korean History Kim Kyu Ri
Ahn Joon Hyoung
Inside Out Dance Theatre
AMA Museum
Creative Talk Talk 10/17 (Thu) Stories of the Community – Dadaocheng as a Creative Base Janette LIN Chang Kang-Hua
Hang Li
Siedl/Cao (Gregor Siedl/Cao Thanh Lan)
Creative Talk Talk 10/13 (Sun) The Nature of Emotions and Life Choices BIO XIE BIO XIE
Rita Chen
Taiwan Bussan
Arts Festival Salon 10/12 (Sat) Is There Local Participation in the Arts or Do the Arts Influence Local Development ? Pao-Ning Yin Fang Min-Hwa
Yi-Kai Kao
Janette LIN
Taipei Contemporary Art Center
Creative Talk Talk 10/11 (Fri) Overview of Art Festivals in Southeast Asia Jennifer LEE Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan
Noutnapha Soydala
Le Zinc 洛 Café & Bar
Dadaocheng and the World 10/30 (Wed) Dadaocheng and the World - Traditional Culture and the New Era JOU, YI-CHENG Vivien H. C. KU DaDaoCheng Theater
Feminist Salon 10/06 (Sun) Feminist Salon - In this Era of Gender Diversity, Why Are We Still Talking About Feminism? Ing Lok Tshun Hong Formosa Tea 2F
Dadaocheng and the World 10/06 (Sun) Dadaocheng and the World – The Heyday of Taiwanese Poetry in Dadaocheng JOU, YI-CHENG Xiang Yang/ Professor、Poet walkingbook
Dadaocheng and the World 10/05 (Sat) Dadacheng and the World – Taiwanese Art History of Dadaocheng JOU, YI-CHENG Jen-I Liao Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum