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TTTIFA: Artists Residency Program

TTTIFA 駐埕藝術家計畫

Project content:

This year’s Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts marks the launch of the TTTIFA Artist Residency Program, a new effort that builds on our collaboration with international and local artists from diverse fields. The program’s goal is to help connect international and Taiwanese artists with the Tua-Tiu-Tiann community by providing studio space, accommodation and resources, and to support them in producing new works connected to Tua-Tiu-Tiann. Residencies take place for at least two weeks, as TTTIFA provides assistance to artists in gathering materials related to the area and documenting the process of their work. All works from the program will be announced in October, and will be listed on TTTIFA’s website and Facebook page.


Artists : Leeroy New/Daniel Kok

Curator :Fu-Kuen Tang

Time :10/01-10/31

Place: : coming soon

Free Open to Public


Curator / 鄧富權(Fu-Kuen Tang)

Fu-Kuen Tang is an independent dramaturge, curator and producer who is active in the contemporary performance and visual art fields in Europe and Asia. He curated Ming Wong’s solo exhibition at Singapore Pavilion at the 53rd La Biennale di Venezia and was awarded the Special Jury Mention Award by the biennale. To date, Tang has participated in and curated many performing art events and exhibitions of various scales and attributes, including the Singapore International Festival of Arts, Indonesia Dance Festival, Transit-Festival (Berlin), Exodos Festival (Ljubljana), Colombo Dance Platform (Sri Lanka), and Bangkok Fringe Festival. He has previously worked for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris and Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (SEAMEO-SPAFA) in Bangkok. Fu-Kuen is currently serving as the Artistic Director of the Taipei Arts Festival.

Artist / Leeroy New

As a Filipino artist and designer, Leeroy New’s works span the fields of film, theater, production design, performing art and fashion. Leeroy initially trained as a sculptor, but has tried everything from production design for films to working with fashion designers and creating 3D mock-ups for commercial purposes. This inclination to move from one mode of creative production to another has become part of his creative practice. One of his latest works, in collaboration with urban designer Julia Nebrija, was to create a floating space/garden and place it on the Pasig River, the heaviest polluted waterway in central Manila. With the project, he aimed to explore the area's ecological heritage and to challenge the local urban landscape, in a larger bid to use creative intervention to revive the Pasig River as apublic space, pathway of transportation, and sustainable environment.

Artist / Daniel Kok

As a specialist in rope bondage performance, Singaporean artist Daniel Kok is familiar with the emotional and physical interaction between the people involved. This knowledge informs the themes of repression and the strange in his choreographed works. However, Daniel says that he does not strive for the label of “gay artist,” nor does he tailor his performances to attract attention. Rather, his work seeks to reflect the emotional repression and despair resulting from the treatment of and discrimination against the LGBTQ community in Singapore. For Daniel, the art of “rope bondage” lies in the blend of the rough and the gentle. Fear, anxiety, desire, criticism, struggle are the emotional vehicles through which the artist deals with issues related to the body, art, homosexuality and sexual desire. The bondage presented in this dance improvisation performance is not out to convey sadism or obscenity. On the contrary, bondage and its limitations serve to stimulate the dancers’ creativity and physical sense of touch. In accepting messages from each other, the dancers engage incommunication and coordination.