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Workshop: Better Your Life through Emotions

人文編織:與情感一起過好的生活工作坊 Get Tickets

Project content:

TTTIFA is proud to host psychoanalyst and mental coach Jean-Marc Lhabouz, who will hold a series of workshops for performers and the general public . The workshop for performing artists addresses the question: how does one get into the best possible state of mind before going on stage? The workshop for general audiences covers the topic of thoughts and emotions, and how to optimize them in our daily lives.


Artists : FHOM(Jean-Marc Lhabouz)

10/3 Tue 19:00 (Performing artists workshop part1)

10/6 Fri 19:00 (Performing artists workshop part2)

10/7 Sat 14:00 (General audiences workshop)

10/8 Sun 14:00 (General audiences workshop)

Place: : Thinkers' Theatre