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Inside Out Dance Theatre《Our Body》

Project content:

The bitter pasts, which have been difficult to talk about, of victims from war were kept as secret for so long. Years after, Ama, who used to be comfort women, shows great tenacity and respectable courage just like reed, they turn all the pains in life into tender strength.
How to judge the inequality of power between genders? The twisted humanity of offender and the painful experience of victims, how should all this be memorized?
For past twenty years, Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation has put a lot of efforts to take care and accompany former Taiwanese comfort women, allowing the traumas to proceed in a different way. Inside Out Dance Theatre creates this performance based on the space of AMA museum, in combination of the showpieces in the exhibition and the creation of Ama during their art therapies. This site-specific performance would take place in different areas of the museum, providing a new experience for the audience to re-understand this history, which is not supposed to be forgotten.

producer: Inside Out Dance Theatre
Nationality: Taiwan
Language: Non-verbal Performance
Time: 10.12-10.21
Location: AMA Museum x Cafe
Duration: 60 min.
Price: $ 500


Inside Out Dance Theatre, established in 2016, with their close observation of life being transformed into absurd but marvelous ideas, they tell stories through their own bodies as an imaginative novelist. From their unique point of view and way of performing, they encourage the audience to bring out their own imagination, enjoying the thinking process of contemporary dance as there is no one answer.
Works include "Round Stones" from 2017 Taipei Children's Art Festival, "Forever" from 2017 Taipei Fringe Festival and "Onion" from 2016 Taipei Fringe Festival. They have also been invited to Shenzhen Fringe Festival two years in a row. In the summer of 2018, they deliver two whole new productions, "Linus" from Taipei Children's Art Festival and "Flowers are gone" from Huashan Children's Art Festival.


Choreographer and performer/ YANG HAN-YU, CHANG CHIA-HAO
Pruduction manager/MA MING-LI
Administrative director/ JUAN,PIN-HSUN
Graphic designer/ LIN,SI-YU