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Pure Love《Pure Blessing of Love》

Project content:

Let’s love!
《Pure Blessing of Love》 includes both regular exhibition and live performance. From the fad of claw machine and the search for love and luck in Xia- Hai City God Temple, we create “the blessing of love” market. Either searching for the help from intangible power in the temple, or enjoying the pleasure from the claw machine, 'Pure Love’ collides the authentic body and the sensation of the present moment, co-creating the state of “love desire/ being desired” in between performers and audiences. Coming to our market, we provide the moment of hot emotion and cold question. You can choose to share the wishes of the booth host with a lottery machine or walk into a closed snapshot booth to feel the your body and mind. We explore the connection of modern people's desire for love and loneliness and the history and development of Dadaocheng. We also hope to offer a pure love of the world or the heart to the participants on the scene.

producer: Pure Love
Nationality: Taiwan
Language: Chinese、English,No Surtitles
Time: 10.19-10.21
Location: See Me Look
Duration: 50 min.
Price: $ 450


Pure Love
We are a group of performing arts workers from different backgrounds, including directors, choreographers, dancers, actors,producers, critics, etc. We use a lot of discussion and games to respond to contemporary Taiwanese drama, dance performances. We focus on the creation and answer of the audience in particular. The team name ""Pure Love"" comes from the name of the originator’s name and the ""transmitting love and blessings"" game what the we played during the team discussion.


Co-creators/Ali(Yu, Fu-chia)、Lin, Li-Hsiung、Chang, Ko-Yang、Liu, Chun-liang、Cheng, Yi-Wen、Lu, Hong-Wun、Lai, Szu-ying
Photographer/Lin, Pei Ying


10.19. Fri. 19:30
10.20. Sat.13:00, 15:00, 17:00
10.21. Sun.13:00, 15:00, 17:00