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Earthing Way X Zone Sound《ARAMONO Interactive Sound Exhibition》

Project content:

installation |auto percussion |workshop
Earthing Way is a select shop as well as an Art & Cultural platform, dedicated to promote the Taiwanese culture of daily essentials. The shop is based in Dadaocheng since 2016, in which it has put on many activities and performances. For this time, the shop cooperates with electronic percussion artists, turning daily commodities into musical instruments by means of signal. With the performance of live musicians, this experimental electronic music expresses the notion of ARAMONO, the original state objects without any processing or polishing. There is also a workshop after artists’ performance. Audience is invited to choose objects that related to themselves, and joins the performance with artists. Moreover, the interactional installation used in the performance will be placed at the same venue, welcoming every passerby to play with it. The activity hopes to bring a unique experience to everyone with AROMONO and sound.

producer: Earthing Way X Zone Sound
Nationality: Taiwan
Language: Non-verbal Performance
Time: 10.15-11.12
Location: Earthing Way
Duration: 120 min.
Price: $ 500


Artist/Bio Xie、Chi Po-Hao、LEAF
Venue Cooperation/ArtYardM34、Bar CityNorth、SanCha


■Bio Xie
“Earthing Way” brand director
Visual & performing artist

Liked collecting old crafts and painting of them from teenager, and developed an interest in it. Have been engaged years on performance art, visual art and brand planning. Was a CEO of Omake Taiwan, and transcended many different areas of work, like theatre show and event planning.
Built up a brand “Earthing Way” with two partners in 2016. Tried to remind the people of the connection the tradition crafts, craftsmen with the local history, and developed the handcrafts movement.

Representative works
DIMENSION SENSE - Taipei Fringe Festival (Fist prize/Performance art)
INKED WATER IN THE CELLS - Invited to the 2017 Nuit Blanche Taipei
BETWEEN LOST OBJECT - 2017 Original Festival
SUNLIGHT AIR WATER - 2017 Original Festival

■Chi Po-Hao
“Zone Sound Creative ” director
Contemporary sound artist

Chi Po-Hao (1989-) is a musician and sound artist from Taipei, Taiwan. He had worked in the mainstream label for several years as songwriter and producer. In 2015, he finished his master degree at Goldsmiths College, the University of London in Studio Composition. His primary medium is sound, principally involving but not limited to live electronic, electroacoustic composition and installation. In live performances, he usually applied self-made tools, m4l devices, and found objects that based on electronics, recycled items, and junk. He has been granted residencies at V2_Institute of Unstable Media, Rotterdam and Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, and has toured around Taipei, London, Bangor, Manchester, Rotterdam, Paris, Beijing, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Gijon.

Recently he is interest in the topics of algorithm composing, generative music and sonification. His undergoing works are mainly concerned about the sensing of rhythm and the interactions among perception, individual and environment, try to investigate how people hear, interpret and represent the sound surrounded us as well as how the sound intervene the space. He did several cooperations with performance groups in different kinds of theater productions as the sound and interactive designer in past 2 years.

Leaf Yeh is a Taipei-based artist and songwriter. Her works, with literary, cinematic, and dreamy elements as backbone, and tinged with Pop, World Music, Dream Pop, and Ambient Music, center on realization of life's unpredictability and such unpredictability as a source of daily humor. Recently she's been exploring the possibility of unlyricized works with the integration of flute and synth into human vocal.


10.15. Mon.19:30-21:30
10.16. Tue. 19:30-21:30

10.17. Wed. - 11.12. Mon. 10:30-19:30 (Closed on Tuesdays)