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Wild Fabric Design "The Texture of Being Alive-Wild Fabric Selection Exhibition"

Project content:

Our lives are made up of choices. We choose the fabrics that accompany us as we sleep and in which we are warmly embraced. What kinds of fibers serve as a medium to express our personality traits? We choose textures as a kind of cloaking device in social situations. Fabric is used to make clothing, bedding, curtains and tablecloths. It is found in every corner of our homes. “The Texture of Being Alive – Wild Fabric Selection Exhibition” brings another perspective on life choices. From these choices, relationships between textures and life develop and from textures emerge new sensory experiences.

producer: Earthing Way × Wild Fabric Design
Nationality: Taiwan
Time: 10.06-10.30
Location: Taiwan Bussan, 3F
Duration: 11:00-18:30
Price: Free Admission

Introduction of Performer/ Troupe

This is a new type of fabric store focused on natural materials. It is divided into three main areas: themed showcases, product displays, and work areas. The purpose is to highlight a return to textiles. Sales of fabrics and textile products are its main income source. At the same time, design elements are incorporated to produce outdoor and camping products such as hats, beer holder bags, washable cotton and linen picnic blankets, yoga mats and kites. Other items include a line of skirts.

Production Team

Production Team: Wild Fabric Design
Curatorial Team: Earthing Way




Wild Fabric Design


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Guide Tour:
10.13. Sun 16:30 (After the lecture, audience members will be taken to Earthing Way for a guided tour of the exhibition.)
10.27. Sun 16:30

Title:The Nature of Emotions and Life Choices
Date:10.13. Sun. 14:00-15:30
Lacation:Taiwan Bussan, 3F
Speaker: Earthing Way × Suho Memorial Paper Museum × Wild Fabric Design
(For more information please refer to “Lectures"" secttion of our website.)

Title: Beyond Perception Space/ Wild Fabric × Earthing Way
Lacation: Taiwan Bussan, 3F
Price: NT$450
Session1|10.18. Fri.|19:00-20:00
Session2|10.18. Fri |20:30-21:30 
Session3|10.19. Sat |19:00-20:00 
Session4|10.19. Sat |20:30-21:30
(For more details on fees and program specifics, please follow Wild Fabric's official Facebook page or refer to this website.)