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I Wan Jan Puppet Theater

Project content:

“A Chance Encounter Leads to Marriage (read as “Qiao-Yu-Yin-Yuan), ” an opera classics by “I Wan Jan” finely presents hand puppet show’s art. When the show was performed in New York, U.S., the review on New York Times stated “fantastic and amazing show that was never seen before.” The whole show is played in silence, however through Sheng’s folding fan, Dan’s umbrella, Mo’s smoking, Chou’s deck chair, and bustling martial arts such as waving rattan shield and switching plates audiences are brought into traditional hand puppet show’s wonderful world.
The Play boy, DU-Xing, and his servants go into the street to watch entertainer’s shows. By chance, PAN-Rong also brings his daughter, PAN Yu-Zhi, to the street. When Du-Xing sees the beautiful PAN Yu-Zhi, he has evil intents and wants to do bad things to her. PAN-Rong is too old to do anything, but only calling for help. XIAO Jin-Jun, a scholar who is well versed in both polite letters and martial arts, hears PAN-Rong and after hearing the reason he goes to the front and is going to save PAN Yu-Zhi.

producer: A Chance Encounter Leads to Marriage
Nationality: Taiwan
Language: Non-verbal Performance
Time: 10.04
Location: ing lok tshun hong formosa tea
Duration: 40 min
Price: NT$500

Introduction of Performer/ Troupe

“I Wan Jan” was established in 1931. The founder, Li Tien-lu used the name “I Wan Jan, because he wanted the public know that the hand puppet was as vivid as real man. Li Tien-lu’s performance blended in rich Beijing Opera elements, so the opera circles called his sector as “Wai Jiang Pai.”
In 1953, Li Tien-lu led “I Wan Jan” to participate in national hand puppet show contest; they have won championship of the northern area for more than twenty consecutive years. At the end of 1971, “I Wan Jan” began to perform around the world on invitation; theur tracks extended all over Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. They successively propagated Taiwan’s traditional hand puppet art and became an internationally noted troupe. At the same time, Li Tien-lu led all masters before and behind the curtain to invest in the hand puppet show inheritance works in Jeu-Guang Elementary School in Banciao, creating a new trend of learning hand puppet show artistry in campus and continuously rooting the art of traditional hand puppet.
Li Tien-lu died in 1998. His second son, Li Chuang-tsain succeeded to be the curator. Besides continuing his father’s unfinished inheritance works, he never neglected any kinds of preserving, rooting, and innovating works. Li Chuang-tsain died in 2009; his wife, Li-Tsai Su-Chen, succeeds to be the curator and leads the fourth generation young students to continuously make progress in passing on hand puppet art.