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26 Theatre "Flower Road"

Project content:

A day in 1945, two Korean girls forced to be comfort women in China got to know that they could finally go back to their hometown two days later. Excited at first, they prepare for the journey, thinking back on their lives before the war, with the hope of getting married as women of their age did. However, as the time for their release approaches, their excitement gradually turns into fear. Will their fathers recognize them? Will they be welcomed? They worry that they cannot really go back to their hometown as they had dreamed of every night for the past few years.

producer: 26 Theatre
Nationality: Korea
Language: Performed in Korean with Chinese subtitles
Time: 10.25-10.26
Location: Nadou Theatre
Duration: 60 min (No intermission)
Price: NT$600

Introduction of Performer/ Troupe

26 Theatre is a theatre group composed of young people from Chuncheon, Korea. Their shows gain a lot of popularity in the local community because of their creative expressions and methods in engaging into conversations with the society. Their goal is to continue to explore the diversity of performing arts.

Production Team

Production and Performance: 26 Theatre
1. Producer, Actress- Kim, Gyu Ri
2. Director- Ahn, Joon Hyoung
3. Actress- Shin, Ji Hye
4. Assistant Director- Gwack, Young Hwan
5. Rehearsal assistant- Kim, Neoul
6. Sound Operator - Park, Jin Hyeon
7. Lighting Operator- Won, Hyuk Sang
8. Lighting Operator - Park, Min Han


10.25 Fri. 19:30
10.26 Sat. 14:30
10.26 Sat. 19:30

Notice for Audience

1. Audience entrance later than the designated times will not be permitted.
2. This production is not family-friendly, parental accompaniment is advised for audience members under twelve.


26 Theatre



1. Gangwon province
2. Gangwon art&culture Foundation