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Chang Kang-Hua "Shampoo Is Telling A Story"

Project content:

"Shampoo Is Telling a Story" is a research-based program by Taipei artist Chang Kang- Hua. In 2019, he received funding from the National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan) to begin this project in Bangkok, Davao City and Manila.

Following previous practices, including taking a shower, cooking and sleeping, Chang collects stories and discusses cultural issues behind the action of shampoo. Compared with other consumer behaviors, shampoo is more intimate and reveals different needs, such as cleanliness, etiquette and fashion. Traditional hair salons and barbershops offer many additional services such as massages and shaves and play important roles in the community, such as gathering places.

This time, Chang attempts a new method of field research in Asia via the action of shampoo. Shampoo Is Telling a Story includes the artist’s own experiences, exchanges and implementation of “shampooing”. Chang looks forward to reviewing this action and its contexts, stories and issues.

producer: Chang Kang Hua × Thinker’s Theatre
Nationality: Taiwan
Language: Performed in Chinese, no subtitles
Time: 10.24-10.26
Location: FFLAVOUR
Duration: 40min(No intermission)
Price: Participate in a Hair Wash NT$450, as an audience member NT$400

Introduction of Performer/ Troupe

Chang Kang-Hua was born in Indonesia but brought up and educated in Taiwan. He is co-founder of Taipei-based multi-creator collective Co-Coism. He obtained grants from the National Culture and Arts Foundation as part of the Young Star New Vision project and the Ministry of Culture as part of its Youth Gardener of Culture program. He also participated in the Taipei Performing Arts Center’s Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance (ADAM) Artist Lab in 2018. In his works, he focuses on the relationship between audiences and performers and attempts to broaden the spectrum of performing arts.

Production Team

Creator|Chang Kang Hua
Production team|Thinkers’ Theatre
Production manager|Su Ting-Ruei
Coordinator|Yen Shih-Yu
Stage Manager|CHUNG, Pin Chiao
Space Design|Jaivi Chen
Performer|Yu-Ju Shen, Yi-Chin Chen, Tzu-Jung Huang, Yui Liu, Kristine Lin, Cai-Syuan Chang


10.24 Thu. 17:30/18:30
10.25 Fri. 16:30/17:30/18:30
10.26 Sat. 16:30/17:30/18:30

Notice for Audience

1. Holders of a “Head-Wash Participation(洗頭參與)” ticket will receive a head-wash; to ensure the smooth running of the performance, participants will not be given a choice of shampoo or hair products.