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About Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts (TTTIFA)

Welcome to Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts

It is a time capsule theater linking 1920s with 2020s.

The spirit of Tua-Tiu-Tiann is the spirit of 1920s.

1920s is an era filled with passions and ideals, and when Taiwan and the World entered into modernity. Intellectual youths uprose across the globe fought for liberty, equality, and independence.

Tua-Tiu-Tiann at the time was a Taiwanese neighborhood under Japanese Colonization, and served as the commercial and trading center of Taiwan. It was also the birthplace of modern Taiwan identity and the foundation of Taiwan Cultural Movement.

On October 17th 1921 Chiang, Wei-shui founded Taiwanese Cultural Association in Tua-Tiu-Tiann stating that the Taiwanese mandate is to promote civilization advancement. Since then New Taiwan Culture Movement proliferated across Taiwan.

All types of artworks, in the form of literature, art, theater, and music, representing modern Taiwan identity began to flourish, and they were all gathered here in Tua-Tiu-Tiann. In terms of theater works all genereof artists performed in New Theater, Eraku-Za, First Theater, while new style play, modern play, Chinese Opera, Taiwanese Opera, and Puppetry were constantly performed here, as a result Tua-Tiu-Tiann was known as “Theater Hub” where all kind of theaters converged. Reflecting Tua-Tiu-Tiann as the epicenter of modern Taiwanese art.

“Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts” is initiated by Thinker’s Theater, Bookstore 1920s, Chiang Wei-shui’s Cultural Foundation. Every year TTIFA connect numerous local cultural groups, who have cultivated Tua-Tiu-Tiann holding nearly a hundred art and cultural performance in October.

TTTIFA focuses on cross-era, cross-fields, cross-boarders, cross-cultures, and even cross-languages art performances, combining innovative experimental performance style with local culture and history. Most importantly integrating the historical landmarks in Tua-Tiu-Tiann as venues developing local creations.

Every year the “1920s Costume Parade” on the weekends of October 17th has became one of the highlights for “Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts”. Inviting everyone to dress up as his or her favorite 1920s person and walk through the once prosperous streets and alleys listening to those slowly forgotten yet moving stories. There are performances interspersed throughout the parade as if traveled back a hundred years to 1920 Tua-Tiu-Tiann of the world.

1920s Spirit Kyousou (狂騷)20s

“Kyousou (狂騷)20s” is the Japanese translation of the English phrase “Roaring 20s. The meaning of “roaring (狂騷)” in contemporary Taiwan Mandarin seems to describe our perception of the last 20s more accurately than any other term, and it also disclose our expectations of the coming 20s, therefore we have decided to use “roaring” as the slogan of inaugural Tua-Tiu-Tian International Festival of Arts.

In using “roaring” we are actually trying to express “creativity”, which was the most symbolic characteristic of 1920s. Roaring era seemed frenetic and chaotic expressed with all types of social movement and radical ideology challenging existing traditions. Yet looking back a century later, we discover the quintessential quality was the response from the people as time evolved. The paining from Picasso and Dali; the novels written by Lu Xun, Akutagawa, Hemingway, and Fitzgerald; Bauhaus school of architecture, Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement, Gramsci’s revolution theory, “New Youth Magazine” from Chen Duxiu, and Chiang, Wei-Shui and Taiwan Cultural Association’s cultural movement. These were all driven by the creativity deep within human nature to retaliate against the resentment of the era.

During that era here in Taiwan, it was the first time modern Taiwan identity was formed, and an era where the unique mission of Taiwanese was first identified. We believe it is essential for the future of Taiwan’s culture creation that we are leading the new generation creators to learn and understand that era. From a broader perspective the current issue of survival that human race is facing was rooted during the first modernization back in 1920s. In order to understand this humanity’s predicament and provide a solution for the 2020s one must examine the first modernization a century earlier. What went wrong? What went right? We are not only concern about arts, but also culture. In truth it is not just culture we are concerned it is the civilization!

Tua-Tiu-Tiann was the foundation for the Taiwan Cultural Movement back in the 1920s. It is a place that can best represent modern Taiwan spirit. We want Tua-Tiu-Tiann to once again be the foundation for the next wave of Taiwan Cultural movement. And the audiences we want to influence, express, and illustrate are directed at Taiwan and the world after 2020, a future soon to be present. Traveling from the last 20s to the next 20s, integrating your 20s with our 20s, we are accumulating numerous stimulated creations to form a cultural movement. The roaring arts of new era once aged through time will become foundation for ideas and cultures. That is the vision and dream for Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts perhaps the mission.