Albrecht Anton

Albrecht Anton

Associate at SIMFO

Being a nature lover and outdoor enthusiast, learning about ways to fight climate change has been a big priority for Albrecht over the past few years. During his MBA at National Taiwan University, he enrolled in various courses on sustainability and systems thinking issues. His most recent work at SIMFO focused on Blue Carbon and the utilization of ocean-based natural climate solutions.

14:00 - 17:00
SIMFO Impact House

En-Roads Climate Simulation


09/24:En-Roads Climate Simulation

The climate crisis may already be here, but so too are a great many of the interventions we need to fight back. But with all the noise, how do we identify which technologies, policies, and investments will really make a difference? Is it investments in breakthrough energy technologies? Planting billions of trees? Or maybe the key is to slow down population growth. In this workshop, powered by the En-ROADS climate simulation model, roleplay key stakeholder groups and test your ideas about what makes effective climate action while challenging your ability to navigate competing interests toward a common vision for our future.


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