Alex Tsai

Alex Tsai

Education Manager

Empowering self-actualized people and groups for bottom-up systems change.

14:00 - 17:00
SIMFO Impact House

Systems Awareness and Impact in Education Workshop


09/17:Systems Awareness and Impact in Education Workshop

Educational inequality, school consolidation, low student motivation: these challenges aren’t just one-time events, they’re persistent challenges driven by students, faculty, administrators, and parents narrowly defining “the problem” and acting on their siloed perspectives. While well-intentioned, actions are often ineffective, duplicate efforts, or generate unintended consequences.In this workshop, learn how NTU cultivated a holistic understanding of the challenges facing higher education and developed a strategy for action that could be broadly shared by their many stakeholders. Then, learn to apply the basics of systems thinking to evaluate and communicate the complex dynamics of an educational issue that is important to you.


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