Chia-Hsien Yang

Chia-Hsien Yang

Deputy Professor of Department of Chinese at National Tsing Hua University

Professor Yang Chia-Hsien originates from Kaohsiung and lives in Taipei now. She has a has a PhD in Chinese from the National Taiwan University and is now the Associate Professor in the Department of Chinese at Tsinghua University. She is also the co-curator of the Taipei Poetry Festival with a collection of poetry and prose works. She has also edited several anthologies of prose and poetry.

14:30 - 16:00

Prose and the Re-Modernisation of Modern Taiwan


How did the diverse prose that flourishes today in literature once set its roots to grow into today’s position in Taiwan? We invite you to follow in the footsteps of Professor Yang Chia-Hsien and Director Chang Wen-Hsun as they trace the flow and evolution of prose in literary history.


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