Chin-Fu Lin

Chin-Fu Lin

Chairman of the TaiYuan Foundation

Graduated from School of medicine, College of medicine at Taipei Medical University. He has also obtained a PhD in medicine at a Japanses University and was former director of a well-known hospital. Chin-Fu Lin has been involved in the arts and culture community for more than 40 years. In the face of the "Longevity Era" and the advent of ageing in Taiwan, he has combined his passion for Taiwanese culture, his professionalism as a doctor, and his sense of mission to care for life, and hopes to establish a preventive system for the elderly to achieve harmony of self-help, mutual help, mutual assistance and public assistance. He hopes to encourage the community and enhance social care through the "Dr. Lin Vlog" programme.

15:00 - 16:30

Brain, Physical and Social


Be fashion and be old !

Dr.Paul Lin broke the impression of people toward “old”. Using his medical experience and knowledge, he states “brain, physical and social” to encourage the elders living with positive attitude.


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