Fang-Yi Hung

Fang-Yi Hung


Winner of the 2021 Golden Tripod Award in the category of 'Books: Non-Literary Books', researcher of historical recordings and popular music culture and a pro-gender-affirmative Vegan Christian.
Graduated from the Department of Music, Theory and Composition, Soochow University and received his Master's degree from the Graduate Institute of Musicology, National Taiwan University. From Serious music composition to academic research, he has lingered in early Taiwanese and Chinese recordings, listening to the dreamlike sounds from music, literature and history. He has a long-standing interest in Christian reform, and is committed to gender equality, animal rights and zero-waste advocacy and practice. He has been invited to speak at various school and institutional organisations on a variety of topics, with many of his articles online and in the press.

14:30 - 16:00

The Flow and Evolution of Taiwanese Music


Taiwanese pop music originated back in the 1930s, where many record companies and singers with a melodious voice came together and created a glorious start to the Taiwanese music. Now in the 21st century, let us go back in time to the days of vinyl records and listen to the past and present of Taiwanese music.


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