Tieh-Chih Chang

Tieh-Chih Chang

Founder and chief editor of VERSE

Founder and chief editor of VERSE, co-director of Bleu&Book and an author. He was also once the editor-in-chief and co-publisher of the Hong Kong magazine - City Magazine, the chief editor of Bloomberg Businessweek China, the chief consultant of Business Next and the editor-in-chief and director of FOUNTAIN. He is also author to"Sound and Fury + Can Rock&Roll change the world?", 《想像力的革命:1960年代的烏托邦追尋》and 《未來還沒被書寫:搖滾樂及其所創造的》.

14:30 - 16:00

The Flow and Evolution of Taiwanese Music


Taiwanese pop music originated back in the 1930s, where many record companies and singers with a melodious voice came together and created a glorious start to the Taiwanese music. Now in the 21st century, let us go back in time to the days of vinyl records and listen to the past and present of Taiwanese music.


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