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About the story

“How to be Shameless” is an interdisciplinary solo performance with a contemporary approach. It is created by 6 artists with different practices: multimedia, sound, language and movement…etc.

The work is a continuation of the piece created by: Cheung Yan, Huang Pin-yuan,Hsieh Chu-hsun for TTTIFA 2021 Solo contest. Matt, Guo Xuan,Yang Hsiu-han joined after for further development.

The group aspires to create imageries reflecting our time through intertwining mediums and exploring ways they can vibe with each other.

In a time of heightened individualism, low latency and zero time difference had become the new norm. It possesses more capital value than train tickets during holiday seasons. Individuals are being tagged and put into boxes.

Self love, self compassion, self therapy, namaste, and ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པ་དྨེ་ཧཱུྃ. We are the most beautiful, we replace death and climax with “shame”. We are inviting individuals that had been deindividualized for the sake of assimilation to aboard the train called Sunset which represents the apocalypse of an era or life itself.

This is a story about taking a train going right to Shame when the sun is about to set.

Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome on board.

We are uncertain about the arrival time. And if you are not happy with this carriage, do help yourself to the next one. There has got to be a perfect one for you. Don’t give up.

About the team

This is a theater group consisting of 6 members. Cheung Yan(principal performer、text)、Huang Pin-yuan(text、director)、Hsieh Chu-hsun(new media and space design)、Matt(music and sound design)、Guo Xuan(costume design)、Yang Hsiu-han(voice actor).

The team comes together to explore a decentralized model of collaboration. Each member specializes in different disciplines, and they aspire to develop what they‘d call “an interdisciplinary inspired and aesthetic driven decision making body” through endless experiments and failures. The group is more interested in conducting experiments than producing works as creatives.

Their previous works created by some of the members includes: TTTIFA 2021 Solo contest Award-winning works “How to be Shameless” 12 minutes version, TNUA graduation production ”4.48 Psychosis”




  • Date : 2022-10-28 - 2022-10-30
  • Time : 15:00 - 22:00 (Asia/Taipei)
  • Venue : 葉晉發商號

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