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Design for Design- Pop-up for Pop:Pop-up Notice!

Pop-up is a flash word, with a sense of temporary, flash, and instant speed, and also corresponds to the pop art of the 1950s. Through the development of media communication methods, “speed” has become the key to absorbing the unknown, which coincides with the popular culture mocked by Pop Art: copying, pasting, mass production. Under the scouring of headline parties and short videos, people’s patience is constantly appeased by extremely short essays and short videos in less than a few minutes. This  simultaneously challenges what do people truly want.

Loading Night

Awareness of body, awareness of joy, awareness of happiness, Peace of mind

 Music, singing bowl, tea drinking, autumn moon, all as one

Loading Night, Invites participants to experience the joy of life

Tea man, violinists, and players of natural instruments collaborate, resetting self-awareness in this turbulent time.

 The content of the performance uses sound, tea art, meditation, and poetry singing to keep the audiences waiting in a quiet and dimmed space. While roaming in it, restlessness, rest, and enjoyment of music will all be infused into the event. Through the guidance of music, the sensing of silent waiting will be transformed into a symbol of solitary time, feeling one’s self in the age of post-epidemic and rampant information.

10/21 (FRI.)19:00~20:00


|About us|

Design for Design (DfD) utilises design as an agent to ‘break the wall’ from the real world and explores future with more possibilities. DfD is a studio focusing on Design Fiction, Critical Design and Speculative Design, specialising in Design, Tutorials, Consultations, Exhibitions and Commercial projects. The studio is dedicated to speculate a future with more possibilities by questioning ‘What if?’ on the present days.

About the team

Curator: Yiwen Tseng

Event director: Kaipo Chu

Creative consultant: Yiwen Chen 

Event consultant: Kuochuen Chang

Exhibition consultant:  Yao Liu

Project manager: Yihsin Tseng

Event planner: Vega Wang 

Exhibition coordinator: Bowen Kong

Event asisstant: Hao Chen

SponsorDesign for Design

OrganizerDesign for Design、TTTIFA

Special ThanksViewsonic、MuWarm沐溫、Originn Space



  • Date : 2022-10-21 - 2022-10-30
  • Time : 14:00 - 18:00 (Asia/Taipei)
  • Venue : 讀人館 / originn space