Hachi Theater/I Want Your Love

About tje story

A forbidden song, “I want you to be my baby”, started to trend in the 1950s. Coming from the gramophone, a passionate yet decadent song, a swaying sultry body dances in a dream-like dimension. Drifting into an underground pub in the 1980s, passing through the office of the 2020 presidential candidate then finally into a random hospital of the metaverse. “I want your love, but why do you not come over?”, when spoken this clearly, now do you understand? One story across four universes, and it is up to your choice whether they can be connected or not.

About the team

Hachi Theater was established in 2018 to nurture, innovate, and explore. Not 

only provide a platform for young people performing arts creation, but also through innovative works, to find a variety of cross-disciplinary possibilities in the performing arts field. Meanwhile, looking forward to contributing and giving back to society.

10/28 (FRI)18:00

10/29 (SAT)12:00 &15:30 &18:00

10/30 (SUN)12:00 &15:30 &18:00


  • Date : 2022-10-28 - 2022-10-30
  • Time : 12:00 - 21:00 (Asia/Taipei)
  • Venue : 戲台酒館、大樂房、永樂春風茶館、元宇宙(合藝埕三樓)

Purchase Ticket

合藝埕-永樂春風茶館(含茶水、點心) ( Unlimited tickets)
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國家戲劇院-戲台酒館(含餐點) ( Unlimited tickets)
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小藝埕-大樂坊(含茶水、點心) ( Unlimited tickets)
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合藝埕-元宇宙(三樓)(含酒水) ( Unlimited tickets)
$ 0
$ 0.00