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Musa Tango

Martin Musa|Piano



Vicky Sun|Vocal

Musa Tango Collective is the brainchild of Argentinian pianist and composer Martin Musa. The Tango Collective takes Tango, Vals Criollo, Milonga, and others developed along the border of Uraguay and Argentina, where the music was born, and brings them from the concert hall back to the audience for laughing, clapping, dancing, singing along, and passionate listening; the MTC brings audiences back to where the music began. 

The Residency Series will allow the band and audience to experience together the kind of on-stage evolution over 5 nights that only happens in truly world-class musical

  • Date : 2022-10-18 - 2022-10-22
  • Time : 21:00 - 22:30 (Asia/Taipei)
  • Venue : Ing Lok Tshun Hong Tea House(No. 82, Section 1, Dihua St, Taipei City)