About the Story

“The chosen hero fled the country with the ‘legendary sword’ capable of defeating the Exodia. For world peace, whoever finds out the sword’s whereabouts will be rewarded.”

So, in order to get the bounty, every street and alley, every person’s mouth, the first sentence of the meeting is “Have you seen the sword?”, the whole country began to search for the sword frenzy, and even gradually forgot who disappeared with the legend sword.

So where did he go? What is the purpose of escaping? Is it life or death?

There are various opinions about the hero. However, people care about the sword and the peace of the world more than the hero’s whereabouts.

About the team

A team composed of five Taipei National University of the Arts students: Wani Wang, Vincent Lin, Kevi Chen, Freeni Yin, and Junqi Ho.
In the early days when there was only three personnel, he hoped to be a temporary formation like Hyskoa, Killua, and Gon in “HUNTER×HUNTER” in order to catch the enemy’s spike. It’s just that no matter who is the enemy, no matter who we defeat, we must finally return to real life like Taiichi Yagami and the others.

Such temporary partners began to have a different vision after Vincent and Freeni joined. Rather than thinking about how to win, we want to be like the “Kasukabe Defense Force” to live an ordinary life while fighting.

Five weird and mediocre people assembled, we are the Tua-Tiu-Tiann Force.





  • Date : 2022-10-20 - 2022-10-23
  • Time : 14:30 - 08:30 (Asia/Taipei)
  • Venue : 納豆劇場

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